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Greendale Merinos 2016 Pre Sale Media Release


Greendale Merinos – Proven profit drivers - Investing in superior genetics

Greendale Merinos is a family owned and operated sheep grazing business run on the Monaro.
Co Principals Alan & Mark McGufficke of Greendale Merinos are totally focused on producing the most efficient and profitable merino. To do this we use all the technology and tools available to the Merino Industry.

We have been comparing our genetics for well over 30 years in randomly selected commercially run wether trials across NSW with outstanding results with flocks using Greendale genetics.

At the Bookham Wether Trial Greendale genetics were ranked 1st , 2nd and 3rd, for $/head wool return of the 29 teams entered.

Our most recent results include; Merino Bloodline Comparison 2006 – 2016, with the analysis of data collected over 10 years from 22 trial sites across Australia representing 77 bloodlines. Greendale genetics are ranked 1st overall in profit $/DSE. Greendale was a high accuracy bloodline with 15 teams and 473 recorded measurements. This validates the consistent production and profitability results of the Greendale bloodline.

Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) have been used for the past 12 years with our genetics well above industry average. With our sale team trait leaders for both the MP+ and FP+ indexes.

Greendale has been participating in Sire Evaluations for the past 10 years with all sires entered ranked in the top 50 sires in Australia. Our outstanding performing sire Greendale 12-12 is currently ranked 3rd in the Merino Super Sires in the Fibre Production Index. Greendale 12-12 is also a link sire at the Elders Balmoral, site in Victoria. Balmoral is a Life time Productivity Site.

An outstanding feature of Greendale Merinos is the repeated reliability of results which will continue to make your merino business more sustainable and profitable into the future.

The bottom line is about proven performance and profitability – the foundation lies in your genetics.


Greendale Merino ram sale will be held on Thursday, 27th October, 2016 at ‘Willarney’, 850 Maffra Road, Cooma NSW 2630. Contact Alan McGufficke mobile 0429 448078.

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