Greendale Merinos is a family owned and operated merino breeding business consisting of three properties based around Cooma in southern NSW.

We currently mate 7000 ewes annually and use this ewe base to a select a nucleus breeding flock.  All ewes are measured and tested for all wool traits, fleece weights and body weights.  Only the best 10% performing ewes make the nucleus flock.

Greendale genetics are benchmarked to the merino industry using:

    • Trials – over 30 years of performance for production and profitability in more than 20 trials across NSW.  With results that are unmatched by any other merino genetic source.
    • ASBV’s – performance data has been entered into Merino Select for the past 6 years.
    • Sire Evaluation – Greendale sires have been entered in trials comparing their progenies performances to other merino industry genetics.
    • Introduced Genetics – Only genetics that has performance in all three benchmarking tools above are introduced using an annual AI programme.  Recent genetics used include: Nerstane, Hazeldean and Centre Plus.

This focus on benchmarking genetics has driven the growth and profitability of our business and our clients merino breeding businesses.

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